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DIY Webradio recorder

Your music saved by the people Cloud!

[REC] Machine

This song on the radio is really too good!
But how can I add it to my playlist?
Simply! Just press the [REC]  button 

Made from the "Pirate Radio" kit. Learn how to build your [REC] Machine!

Or order it from %Maker

Odoo • Texte et Image

The best is to discover it in action...


 Easier to use than a RadioK7. One click on its [REC] button... You copy the song you are listening to (*)

  Manage your playlists, your favorite music is in the built-in Jukebox.

  Take your radio everywhere with you (**).  Classify your music, add your podcats...

A simple code of less than 100kb (a few A4 sheets),  learn how to program the  Raspberry Pi, to   create fun and useful things



Do it Yourself

FREE €0.00


Carte Micro SD

From € 29.00

price can be modified by the %maker 
  • Compatible with the "Pirate Radio" kit
  • No need to know how to code
  • Get your micro SD card already installed
  • Personalized support (Forum)

[REC] Machine

Only € 189 .00

price can be modified by the %maker  
  • Choose the capacity of your model...
  • Send us your options
  • Your Machine is prepared according your taste
  • Free update for ever

The [REC]Machine is an example of the way of production adopted in this new economy of knowledge and commons. 

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Jukebox [REC] Machine

Webradio recorder.

WebRadio Player 

Listen to your favorite webradios. Configure your default playlist. Identify the song you're listening to.

Recorder ...

With a click on the [REC] button, the on-air song is identified, then searched and copied to Youtube (also compatible with dozens of other sources...).

Connected music Jukebox 

Thanks to its simple and intuitive interface, organize your Music, subscribe to Podcasts, program your alarm clock, discover new artists?

#CopyLaRadio. A community

Free Software & Blacksmith Network !

Free Community

100% Open Source Code. Community of Blacksmiths Makers. Forum for mutual help and sharing of ideas.

Evolving Cooperative

All the team of Forgeron Maker develops new surprises... Backup solution, Personal Cloud, Connected HIFI Amplifier, Multiroom ... Imagination is the limit...

Fair Share

Soldering iron, DIY and tinkering have no secrets for you. Did you manage to build your [REC] machine by yourself and even improve it? Write to us to join the team...